Breyer's - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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After yesterday's (all-too brief) discussion about the important subject of ice cream, it only makes sense that we focus today on one of the brands advertised in the Toy Box:  Breyer's.  But please don't get too excited.  Although the sign is hanging quite visibly for everyone to enjoy, we don't actually serve their ice cream on the tour.  At least not yet.  I guess our director, Ginni, prefers that everyone actually get their work done, rather than spending their day eating ice cream.

If you are not from the Philadelphia region, it is possible you did not grow up with Breyer's ice cream, but it is likely you know it now. That said, it is a local favorite, and has been around since 1866 when William A. Breyer made his contribution to post-Civil War America by hand-cranking his first creamy concoction using fresh pure cane sugar, rich cream, fruits and nuts, and any other flavors he thought might tantalize the taste buds of his friends and neighbors (the description of the ingredients came from the Breyer's website, by the way.  I didn't make them up).  It wasn't until sixteen years later that Breyer opened his first ice cream shop, with the first actual Breyer's mass-production ice cream manufacturing plant opening their doors in 1896, a full three decades after the first gallon had been made.  They became part of the National Dairy Products Corporation in 1926, and in 1993 part of Unilever, the same company that owns Good Humor and Gold Bond.  They are currently headquartered in Englewood, New Jersey, a skip and a hop from their original home of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
QUESTION:  One of the primary differences between ice cream and gelato is that gelato has______.
A)  Less fat than ice cream
B)  More fat than gelato
C)  No cream in it
D)  No flavoring.

CUBA!!!!!  It is difficult for many people to imagine what life was like before the development of electricity for personal consumption a little over one hundred years ago.  Try to imagine just how different things were before anyone even knew there was a western hemisphere!  On this day in the year 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba.  Weird.  As far as Europeans were concerned, there wasn't even a Cuba prior to this day in that year, let alone two full-sized continents just beyond this island.  Why, they did not yet know that chocolate even existed.  It must have been an awful time.

EDITH!!!!!  Lots of exclamation points today, but today's anniversaries warrant it.  Cuba?  Edith Head's birthday?  If you don't know Edith Head by name, it's time to remember her.  She was an extremely accomplished costume designer for films between 1927 and 1981.  That is a long time to work in any field, but to have a steady job in Hollywood is pretty exceptional, especially when it gets you a full eight Academy Awards.  She was born on this day in 1897 and lived within four days of her eighty-fourth birthday.  The movies definitely would have looked differently without her.  Thanks, Edith!

QUOTE:  You can only have anything in life you want if you dress for it. - Edith Head

ANSWER:  A)  Less fat than ice cream