Brick, Good High

QUESTION:  Funk music was developed during the late-1960's out of which of the following genres?
A)  Rhythm & Blues
B)  Soul
C)  Jazz
D)  Gospel

Once upon a time in Atlanta, Georgia, there was a band formed.  One of them played disco music, the other played jazz. They would develop something they called "dazz," and they would name themselves Brick.  The band was led by Jimmy Brown and Regi Hargis Hickman, multi-instrumentalists, with a few core members and other rotating musicians. They played their unique fusion together for sixteen years, and charted a few times, with their most successful album being their first, called Good High, which was released in 1976 (the same year Shaun Cassidy came out in Australia, appealing to a MUCH different audience). Good High reached the number one spot on the Billboard R&B chart, with its one single, "Dazz," achieving the same lauded position on the Soul charts. 

Good High has an honored place on the great vinyl wall in the Music Room here at the American Treasure Tour.  We hope to one day be able to place Brick's sophomore effort, Brick, nearby. Another number one.

ANSWER:  D)  Gospel.  That's not to say that gospel has not since been incorporated in funk, but it was not one of its traditional inspirations.