Bride of Frankenstein

QUESTION:  Elsa Lanchester famously played the title roll in The Bride of Frankenstein, prior to finding work in Disney films. In which of the following Disney films did she not appear?
A)  Mary Poppins
B)  That Darn Cat!
C)  Murder by Death
D)  Blackbeard's Ghost

The American Treasure Tour has a deep love of the cinema, and has dedicated many blog entries to the art of movies. When we acquired the Omrod Giant World of Miniatures last summer, our celebration of film went a little deeper, with wonderful dioramas and presentations of classic films. Which brings us back to the diorama Bob Omrod created dedicated to 40 Horror Films. Prominent in the display is the bride of Frankenstein, easily recognizable by her tall black hair with the lightning shock of white running down its side.

Based on its name, there should be no surprise that Bride of Frankenstein (sometimes advertised with a "The" in front ) is a sequel to the James Whale horror classic Frankenstein. The original was released in 1931.  It was not only highly controversial (the censors in the state of Kansas requested so many cuts in the film it would have made it half the length it originally was), but insanely popular.  Production on the sequel began immediately upon seeing the success of the original; however, returning director James Whale hated the original script. Once he found a story he liked, he then had to deal with the censors, which caused required more changes.  Fortunately, he was able to cast his original stars to return, and include the lovely Elsa Lanchester as the Bride herself. It was four years before the sequel was released, in which a woman was created by Victor Frankenstein for his monster. It paid off in spades. Not only was the sequel a success, but it is hailed critically as being superior to the original. Of course, more sequels were to follow, then reinterpretations, then sequels to the reinterpretations. Today, Frankenstein's monster remains one of the most famous villains/anti-heroes in cinema, and his bride is definitely iconic as well!

ANSWER:  C)  Murder by Death. Else is in this wonderful comedy; however, it was not a Disney film. Trick question. If you've never seen Murder By Death, we encourage you to do everything in your power to see it, if only for the wonderful Maggie Smith, best recognized today for her roll in Downton Abbey.