Brooke Shields - January 21, 2014

Welcome back to the American Treasure Tour blog as we continue to recognize the "Faces of the Tour."  (We just came up with that name this second.  Hope you like it.)  Hanging among a wide variety of celebrity photographs including Barbra Streisand, Vanna White, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of a young Brooke Shields.

Shields, born in 1965, definitely started her career early.  Her first modeling job was for Ivory Soap at the age of eleven months, and she's been going ever since.  Her first major role in a film was when she was twelve years old, playing the title character in Louis Malle's highly controversial film about prostitution in turn-of-the-twentieth-century New Orleans, Pretty Baby.  Her most famous role, though, came two years later with The Blue Lagoon, about two shipwrecked children who grew up - and experimented - together on a tropical island.  She took a break from acting to attend Princeton University, but has not stopped to this day, moving easily between television, the theater, and cinema.


Brooke Shields was the youngest guest star ever to appear on what syndicated variety show in the 1970s?

a)  Hee Haw

b)  The Muppet Show

c)  Saturday Night Live

d)  The Brady Bunch Variety Hour

e)  The Carol Burnett Show

Answer Below


Sixty years ago today, the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union became just a little bit hotter when First Lady Mamie Eisenhower launched the first nuclear-powered submarine from the Naval Submarine Base located in Groton, Connecticut.  The USS Nautilus was able to remain submerged substantially longer than previous submarines due to its use of nuclear propulsion, rather than diesel engines.  This enabled the innovative sub to traverse the North Pole completely under water in 1958, and break many other underwater records after that.  The Nautilus is currently available to tour at the base in Groton as part of a museum dedicated to telling the history of submarines in the world (check out their website for hours and directions at

Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as the 39th president on January 20th, 1977.  The very next day - thirty-seven years ago today - he used his authority as president to fulfill his campaign promise to pardon over one hundred thousand Americans who had evaded the draft during the Vietnam War, most of whom either ran to Canada or lived in hiding in the United States.  While a number of veteran groups protested Carter's action, thousands of families were happy to be able to see their sons again, who could finally return home without fear of prosecution.


Today, we celebrate the birth of John C Fremont, a military officer, explorer, and politician born in 1813.  Guided by ambition, The Great Pathfinder explored the untamed west with famous tracker Kit Carson prior to his involvement in the Mexican-American War.  During that conflict, he forcefully claimed California for the United States, but he received a dishonorable discharge from the army by President Polk for his unorthodox ways.  Logically, he then entered politics and became a senator, which led to his becoming the first man to run for the presidency in the newly-formed Republican Party.  After his defeat to James Buchanan, he fought for the Union during the Civil War, stirring up yet more controversy during that war.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Fremont!

The Golden Bear was also born today.  In 1940, Jack Nicklaus entered the world.  Within twenty years, he would become a professional golfer.  Now, he is considered one of the most accomplished golfers of all time, with 18 career major championship trophies to his name.


Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.  - Brooke Shields

Answer:  b)  The Muppet Show