Wacky Wednesday

Room Thermometer.jpg

There are SO MANY wonderful items throughout the American Treasure Tour to see - the automatic music machines, the cars, the practically close to everything else you could ever hope to imagine to find in a 100,000 square foot space packed to the roof with Americana - that we thought we would offer you something today that was, well, not so much cool as a measure of cool. Yes, we're talking about the old-fashioned, non-digital temperature-reading thingamabobber we have in the office space here.  And no, we're definitely not out of ideas on how to share the collection with you.  We're just comfortably sitting and didn't want to get up.  BUT, that said, have you ever heard of the Act-Rite Company?  Do you know anything about their line of weather-monitoring equipment? How about the history of weather monitoring? Uh-huh. That's what we thought.

The Chaney Instrument Company was established in 1943, a family-owned business that opened during World War II. Their AcuRite brand earned for Chaney a strong reputation in precision time, weather, and temperature products that assured them a long future in the industry.  They have since become the leading producer of quartz clock movements in the United States, and, in 1998, they introduced their "atomic clocks."  These analog clocks are so accurate that they automatically reset themselves sporadically to stay accurate to the fraction of a second. But today, we celebrate one of their most basic, fundamental products - the basic thermometer.  Because, why not?  https://www.acurite.com/about-acurite/