QUESTION:  Valparaiso, Indiana was named after a city in what country?
A)  Germany
B)  Holland
C)  Chile
D)  Italy

The digital revolution has completely changed how people get music.  It used to be that the only way you could buy anything was at a store.  Maybe the store was connected to the shop owner's home, but it was likely walking distance from where you lived. Then, catalogs started being printed which made it possible to send money orders or checks to a warehouse or department store in a big city.  A few weeks, or months, later, you could expect a delivery to your local train station. You never met the people you bought from, and yet you made a transaction. Now, of course, everything is digital. You can click a few buttons on a computer keyboard, send your credit card information to people anywhere in the world and, depending on how much you want to spend in shipping fees, receive whatever you want over night or in a few short days. It's pretty amazing, and something many people now take for granted. Today's blog honors the type of store where prospective customers would have to travel, be it by foot, car or public transportation, go inside and buy something face-to-face.

It was the Bucci Music House, located in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana, and they offered all sorts of music and musical instruments, beginning with their grand opening in December 1933.  They had soundproof booths available, where customers could listen to music prior to purchase and decide if it was right for them. They also sold all sorts of musical instruments - Wurlitzer organs, Martin and King instruments for marching bands, Gibson guitars and other string instruments, Wicox-Gay phonograph players, and pretty much anything and everything a music lover could desire.  The included poster is a celebration of fifteen years in business, as of 1948. The blog's researchers have as yet been unable to locate information as to how long they remained in business, though, and would welcome input. Anyone from Valparaiso out there?

ANSWER:  C)  Chile