Buick - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello, and welcome to a new theme with the American Treasure Tour blog!  Ever changing, we are going to move away from our movie posters for a little while and talk about innovators! There have been countless people behind the inventions and developments of the automotive industry whose names we all may know, but we have lost the connection with them as people.  Virtually everyone has heard of, and knows something about, Henry Ford.  So we won't talk about him from here on in.  Today, we want to talk a little about a man named David Buick.

David Dunbar Buick (1854 to 1929) - So, here's the story of a man who became incredibly wealthy by the time he was thirty.  He hit it big in plumbing, creating and patenting an enamel for porcelain bathtubs that became wildly popular. But then he saw his first automobile and became obsessed.  There was no turning back.  In 1899, Buick started his own automotive manufacturing company with his plumbing money.  By 1902 he was broke, having constructed exactly one vehicle.  So he borrowed more money from a friend, and established the Buick Motor Company.  It did okay, but needed help.  The man who was hired to help fix things, Billy Durant, pushed Mr. Buick out of his own company.  He retained the name Buick, but nothing else, and David got no money from it.  Buick tried a number of other things - more automotive companies, dabbling in the oil and real estate industries - but nothing worked.  Desperate, he eventually took a job as a receptionist at a firm in Detroit, scraping together an existence before his passing months before the stock market crash.  There must be some sort of moral to this story, but we certainly don't know what it is.  
QUESTION:  In what country was David Dunbar Buick Born?
A)  The United States of America
B)  England
C)  Scotland
D)  France

I CAN'T GET NONE.  Fifty years ago today, a group of young Englishmen recorded a song in a music studio that would become something of an anthem for a generation.  The song was the Rolling Stones, and the band was "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."  No, wait.  The band was the Rolling Stones, and the song was "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."   And, according to some sources, it was actually first recorded in London on the 10th, then again in Hollywood on the 12th.  But then other sources say today.  This lack of consistency leaves us very...um...dissatisfied.  Regardless, this was the Stones' first number one hit in both the UK and the US, and is widely considered one of the best rock 'n roll songs ever recorded.  Let us know if you agree.

WHO'S HARVEY?  We're not wishing the invisible bunny rabbit from the classic Jimmy Stewart film a happy birthday today, although that might be considered less controversial than today's birthday honoree:  Harvey Keitel.  The Brooklyn-born actor has been in many, many movies since his parents welcomed him into the world in 1939 (He's turning 76 today.).  But yes, he has been in more than 120 films during his long career - and some of them do not merit discussion in this blog.  But you have to love him.  Or, more accurately perhaps, yous gots to love him!

QUOTE:   The way I see things, the way I see life, I see it as a struggle.  And there's a great deal of reward I have gained coming to the understanding - that existence is a struggle. - Harvey Keitel

ANSWER:  C)  Scotland.  We checked our sources, and according to them, Scotland IS its own country, while also being a part of Great Britain.  Our sources involved a lot of reading and not a lot of pictures, though, so we didn't check very deeply.  So if you're Welsh, and want to claim Scotland as the same country you're from, we wish you well and want you to be happy.