Caldwell Dollhouse

QUESTION:  What was the previous name of Audubon, Pennsylvania prior to its change to honor famous resident John James Audubon?
A)  Oaks
B)  Shannonville
C)  Perkiomentown
D)  Little Forge

The American Treasure Tour blog is a celebration of different pieces on display in both our Music Room and our Toy Box.  With a seemingly endless collection, we do not concern ourselves with running out of treasures small and large to examine.  Sometimes it is difficult to learn the stories about our treasures; however, today we have the pleasure to tell you about one of our newest acquisitions, for which we do have information.  It is a wonderful dollhouse that comes from our local region.  The town of Audubon, to be exact, which is about a four minute drive from the American Treasure Tour in Oaks, PA.

The dollhouse comes from the Caldwell family, who has lived in the area for over fifty years. Joan, the matriarch of the family, has loved dollhouses since she was a young girl, and received the one we have on display in 1990, as a celebration of her fiftieth birthday. The empty miniature home resembled where she lived in on Egypt Road, and she took great pleasure in filling its rooms, which she did to celebrate the births of her first three grandchildren. Ever pragmatic, Mrs. Caldwell started with the Victorian-inspired bathroom, then made a second-floor nursery with a clown theme for her youngest grandchild.  The rooms for the older children are on the third floor, while the rest of the house evokes the warmth and comfort of an ideal place in which to grow up.  The Caldwells enjoyed their miniature residence for many years in their own (larger) home, prior to downsizing and selling it to the American Treasure Tour so that many more families would be able to enjoy it.  So give us a call and make a reservation so you can see the Caldwell Miniature House!

ANSWER:  B)  Shannonville. The name was changed in 1899, after celebrating a wealthy family from the region, the Shannons, who were prosperous pig farmers.