Canon - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A few months ago, we here at the American Treasure Tour blog wrote about one of our favorite pieces of neon, advertising Wurlitzer.  Well, we've decided to reconnect with our neon art, because it's just so cool.  And we have lots of neon here.  Granted, it may not seem like a lot since there are so many other cool things here, but there is plenty to discuss.  

We begin our study of neon with an advertisement for Canon Color Copies.  Yes, this is an advertisement for the Canon Copier line of products, and of course there is a story behind the company that produces them.  Everything has a story - even Canon Color Copies!  Until today, you probably didn't realize you were interested.  But fear not!  We are here to tell you about how Canon entered the American photographic world in 1955 (having started in Japan in 1934 as a producer of cameras).  In 1964, they introduced the world's first ten-key electronic calculator, but 1973 brought with it the first Canon color copier!   The primary concern of many national governments was that this technology might also bring with it advanced counterfeiting, but that's a story for another time!
QUESTION:  Probably an obvious question to most of you, but what year did Canon introduce their first fax machine, the FAX-601?
A)  1970
B)  1980
C)  1990
D)  2000

FREE LAND!  Most Americans think of Abraham Lincoln's presidency as a time of Civil War.  I suppose there's good reason for that, but he did do things besides just lead the country during the worst conflict ever to afflict it.  For example, on this day in 1862, he signed into law the Homestead Act.  For little or no money, Americans could claim available government land that had previously been unsettled (by federal definition, which is likely different than that of Native American populations).  All they had to do was prove they'd never taken up arms against the government and actually live on the land they claimed.  Of course, that's a simplification, but it wasn't much more than that.  A great opportunity for many Americans!

HOSER!  We are jumping over the 49th parallel to celebrate today's birthday.  It's hard to believe Dave Thomas (NOT the Wendy's guy) is turning 66 today, but he will forever be in our hearts as Doug McKenzie (of Bob & Doug McKenzie.  Strange Brew? Don't know it?  Well, if you're looking out for Hamlet in Canada, check it out!).  The Canadian comedian was a member of the acclaimed sketch comedy show SCTV  and a bunch of other sitcoms and comedy shows.  He is a lot of fun so, if you don't know him, check out his work!

QUOTE:  I think the harder you work the more luck you have - Dave Thomas (the Wendy's guy)

ANSWER:  B) 1980