Cary Grant - Friday, February 6, 2015

The American Treasure Tour blog is on a roll here, so we have decided to talk about another one of our favorite actors: Archibald Alexander Leach, more familiarly known as Cary Grant.  Oh, sure, he was born in Bristol, England, but there is so much about him that makes him a great fit at the ATT.  For one, he worked for a time in the circus.  Then, he was processed as an immigrant in Ellis Island in 1920 at the age of sixteen.  His Hollywood career began during his twenties, and only ended when he retired in his sixties.  

With movies such as Arsenic & Old Lace (1944), Notorious (1946), North By Northwest (1959) and Charade (1963) on his resume, Cary Grant remains a favorite among actors, as evidenced by his image hanging proudly in the American Treasure Tour's Music Room.

QUESTION:  Who of the following women was NOT one of Cary Grant's wives?
A)  Debbie Reynolds
B)  Dyan Cannon
C)  Barbara Harris
D)  Barbara Hutton

BRRRRRRR.  For those members of our blog family who live in the northeastern region of the United States, this has felt like a long winter.  Weather forecasters have done well at exaggerating some storms, and gotten others right on.  Well, you may find comfort learning about past winters.  On this day in 1978, a nor'easter swept through causing millions of dollars in damage to buildings and property, while approximately one hundred people died and thousands more were injured.  Atlantic City had a record snowfall of 20.1 inches on that one day. Ick.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAHLINK!  Zsa Zsa Gabor, one of the glamorous Gabor sisters of Hollywood's yesteryear (and today) continues to shine on as she turns 98 today. Arguably more famous for her personal life - including seven different husbands - than the films she was in - including 1952's Moulin Rouge - Zsa Zsa has definitely had a full life.  May she have many more to come!

Only six years older than Zsa Zsa, Ronald Reagan shares her birthday.  Born on the second floor of a shop in the small Illinois town of Tampico, Reagan would grow up to become a successful actor and, in case you didn't know, the fortieth President of the United States of America!

QUOTE:  Men have always liked me and I have always liked men.  But I like a mannish man, a man who knows how to talk to and treat a woman - not just a man with muscles.  - Zsa Zsa Gabor

ANSWER:  A)  Debbie Reynolds.  All tolled, Grant was married five times, yet had only one child - daughter Jennifer with Dyan Cannon.