Case Tractor

QUESTION:  The Case Corporation primarily sold what type of machine when it founded in 1843?
A)  Railroads
B)  Threshers
C)  Steel Mills
D)  Ploughs

The American Treasure Tour is home to many, many, many different wonderful objects of all shapes and sizes. The blog exists to explore them all, although we admit that it's sometimes difficult to get firm information.  Some of the car and band organ models are so similar from one year to the next that it is near impossible to be 100% accurate on what is displayed.  Sometimes, though, the information is handed to us.  In the case of our Case Tractor, it could not have been made easier, since there is actually a plaque on the side of it not only telling us its make, model, and year, but the family that once owned it.

Ralph and Linda Rabuck of the town of Tioga, Pennsylvania owned this 1950 Model "VAC14" Case tractor prior to its coming into the American Treasure Tour collection.  Which is why we are going to dedicate today's blog to Tioga County!  If you find yourself in Pennsylvania, there are really three things you need to do.  First and foremost, visit the American Treasure Tour. We're very cool. And that is our unbiased opinion.  Second, go to the Grand Canyon of the East, which is a beautiful region spanning forty-five miles in northeastern Pennsylvania. Then, visit Independence Hall if you have time. The Grand Canyon of the East is located in Tioga County, which dates to 1804, meaning it has been a county since 1804. The canyon has been there much longer than that, thanks to a glacier that moved through the region about twenty thousand years ago called Laurentide. The result - the Pine Creek Gorge, which is affectionately known as the Grand Canyon of the East, which drops downwards of 1,500 feet, showing off beautiful mountain ranges, rivers, and waterfalls. It is a perfect destination for nature hikes, rafting, and just being outside. Of course, there is also farming in Tioga County, and you don't want to farm without farm equipment. And that's where the Case Tractor comes into play.  More on that tomorrow.

ANSWER:  B)  Threshers.