Case Tractor 2

QUESTION:  The word "Tioga" is from the Iroquois and Mohawk languages and means:
A)  Ancient Roman clothing
B)  Forking
C)  Uphill
D)  Go There

Yesterday, we started talking about our Case Tractor, only to find ourselves promoting the beautiful Grand Canyon of the East in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. We won't let that happen again! The Case Corporation was established in 1843 by a man named Jerome Increase Case.  J.I. was born in Williamstown, New York in 1819, the son of a salesman who imported 'ground hog' machines from England that separated grain after the harvest. Inspired by his father, J.I. bought a number of machines, moved to Racine, Wisconsin, and started his own business selling ground hogs and creating an improved thresher. It did quite well, especially when the Civil War demanded increased northern production for the troops.

J.I. was not only an effective businessman, building his company from the ground up, but also a successful politician and avid horse lover. His prized horse Jay-Eye-See, named after his initials, won a world record for trotting in 1884 and outlived his master.  Jay-Eye-See was so famous that Currier and Ives created a series of prints honoring the horse, and a street in Racine was named after him.  Tomorrow, we will explore the company Case created a little more deeply.

ANSWER:  B)  Forking.  Literally, "where it forks," often referring to a river.