Case Tractor 3

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QUESTION:  Jerome Increase Case's mother, Deborah, claimed to be a descendant of which famous president?
A)  George Washington
B)  Andrew Jackson
C)  Rutherford B. Hayes
D)  Ronald Reagan

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The J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company was established in 1843, the sole employee being, you guessed it, J.I. Case.  He sold manual threshers to separate a stalk of grain from its head to make it easier to process. He also strove to improve the technology, adding a steam engine to not only reduce the amount of labor required, but increase the quantity. It did quite well for the company.  1895 was the year they introduced gasoline-powered engines to their product line-up.  Their first all-steel thresher came out nine years later.

In 1928, the J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company merged with the until-then independent J.I. Case Plow Works, also created by J.I.  Together, they became the J.I. Case TM Co. and established themselves as one of the largest producers of steam engines in the United States. Along with threshers and plows, they soon produced self-propelled portable engines, traction engines, and steam tractors, ranking as one of the ten most significant producers of agricultural equipment through the 1950's. Then, in 1964, the Case Company was bought out by Tenneco and a period of sales and acquisitions began that culminated in a merging of sorts twenty years later with International Harvester.  (We will talk more about them some other time.)  Case IH is still very much out there, providing the entire world with pretty much every sort of device necessary for agricultural development

ANSWER:  B)  Andrew Jackson.  That answer would have been a lot easier if we had told you her maiden name was actually Jackson.