Casselberry Farm - Thursday, March 26, 2015

Since we talked briefly about one of the signs hanging quietly in the Toy Box yesterday, we thought we would follow up with ... another sign!  This just happens to be right next to the Oaks Gardens sign in the room with the two Wurlitzer Model 165 machines.  It is for Casselberry Farm. Florida fans may be familiar with the town in Seminole County named Casselberry, but we feel pretty confident that their Casselberry is not related to ours largely because ours is a neighborhood located in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  


Casselberry Farm (the neighborhood in PA) consists of fifty-five separate homes, built in the late-1980s.  The home sizes range from 1,100- to 2,800 square feet, and each home is located on a plot of land about 1/5th of an acre.  The sign advertised the sales office from when the subdivision was originally coming on the market around twenty-five years ago.
QUESTION:  27.8 miles southwest of Casselberry, FL is what famous attraction?
A)  Walt Disney World
B)  Gatorland Zoo
C)  Weeki Wachee Springs
D)  The Morse Museum of Art

LOUISIANA HERE WE COME!  Thomas Jefferson, our third president, advocated maintaining a weak federal government to ensure American liberties would be protected by the states.  But, when he saw the chance to buy what we think of as the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte, he didn't bat an eye, purchasing the huge land grant without gaining the approval of Congress, and setting in motion many dramas that would not be resolved until the Civil War.  On this day, not only were the territories of Orleans re-organized for the American takeover, but the question of whether these new lands would be slave- or free-states became a hot topic.  I'm a little sad now.  We need to celebrate somebody's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!  Actress/Singer/Comedian Vicki Lawrence turns 66 today.  The California native was valedictorian of her high school, and aspired to be a dental hygienist.  We can be glad she landed a spot on The Carol Burnett Show instead, because she made the nation laugh with her many characters, including her Mama, which spun off into its own syndicated program called Mama's Family.  It ran through the 1980s and continues to broadcast in reruns today.  Lawrence also recorded a hit song in 1972, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," which sold over two million copies.

QUOTE:  Life is much too serious to be taken seriously. - Vicki Lawrence

ANSWER:  A)  Walt Disney World.  Gatorland Zoo happens to be 36.3 miles, Weeki Wachee is 105 miles even, and the Morse Museum of Art is a whopping 7.5 miles.  All worthwhile locations should you find yourself in Central Florida.  Of course, none compare to the American Treasure Tour!  Sadly, we don't even have jumping alligators, like Gatorland does....