Full-Throttle Thursday

1967 Ford Mustang.jpg

The Ford Motor Company has been around for a very long time. 115 years as of June 16th, to be exact. The vision of a forty year-old tinkerer named Henry, the Ford Company has come a long way since they introduced their first Model A in 1903.  A bare-boned vehicle, the Model A could not have anticipated the future. Five years and numerous model changes later, the Model T was the big one - it made car ownership affordable, and allowed even the common person to see themselves on the road. Since this is just a blog and not an epic, we now jump ahead sixty-two years. The Ford Company of 1965 may not have been the power house it was in the early days - in 1918, one of every two cars on the road was a Ford! - but they still drew attention when they made a good car that people wanted. That would have been the first year given to the Mustang (it was really a '64, but, well, never mind).

The Ford Mustang was an instant winner, and the most successful Ford since the Model A. In fact, it continues to be in production to this day, with overhauls happening pretty regularly since its original introduction. There are a few Mustangs available to admire here at the American Treasure Tour. One, not easily visible but definitely on display in our Toy Box, is a Third Generation Mustang from 1987.  Available in coupe, hatchback, and convertible styles, ours is a soft-top convertible looking snazzy but still kinda practical. Next time you take our tram ride, make a point to notice it, parked among the other cars. Another winner in the Toy Box.