Tunes on Tuesday


It's music time here at the American Treasure Tour, and why not celebrate with the finest in analog technology available between the mid-1960's through to the early 1980's - the 8-track tape. This was an offshoot of the reel-to-reel magnetic tape recording technology first introduced shortly after World War II, but its great novelty was in that these compact music storage devices could actually be played in automobiles! That was truly revolutionary at the time.  Oh sure, a few wealthy eccentrics had tried to put record albums in their dashboards, but that wasn't exactly practical and never became popular.  But 8-tracks swept the nation, and filled many vehicles with the musical prowess of Peter Frampton, The Who, and hundreds of other bands.

8-track in car.jpg

Alas, the 8-track movement was relatively short-lived, because of another technology introduced during the 1960's: the compact cassette.  Much smaller than the 8-track and able to hold more music, cassette decks were introduced in cars in 1968, and took off during the '70s. By 1982, the 8-track was removed for sale from department stores and, it's believed, the last 8-track produced was in 1988, a greatest hits compilations by Fleetwood Mac.