Mondays at the Museum

The American Treasure Tour staff likes to use our Monday blog as an excuse to call out some of our other favorite destinations in the United States for cultural enrichment.  We know everyone can't come to visit us - especially when we're not open for General Admission on Mondays - so we want to remind you of the rich cultural heritage of our amazing nation.  Yes, we recognize that the world doesn't revolve around us.  Maybe it should, but we won't address that today.

AACA - Tucker.jpg

As you know, the American Treasure Tour has a top-notch collection of preserved vintage automobiles, along with the other amazing things we have on display.  We are by no means the only car museum in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  In fact, there are a few other impressive collections within two hours' drive of us - and most of them are open year round like we are!  We'll mention three of them here, but don't worry.  Not all today.  Today, we will start with the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA:

Located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, they have a wonderful selection of vehicles on display, notably an entire wing dedicated to the story of the Tucker automobile which, if you're unfamiliar with Tucker, is definitely worth the experience.  They also have every pre-war Ford Model, from the A of 1903 to the A of 1931.  Cool place.  And it's near chocolate.