Anne Sullivan

QUESTION:  Anne Sullivan's parents immigrated to the United States from what country?
A)  Ireland
B)  England
C)  The Czech Republic
D)  Tanzania

We spent yesterday's blog discussing Helen Keller, whose image is displayed at the American Treasure Tour in the Toy Box along with numerous other important Americans. There are a couple things that make Keller's lithograph stand out. Notably, hers is the only one with powerful women represented. Also notably, hers is the only one showing two people together. Of course, it's difficult to tell the story of Helen Keller without mentioning Anne Sullivan. Sullivan would become famous as Keller's teacher, the woman who helped Keller through her childhood struggles with blindness and deafness.  Sullivan's own childhood was anything but easy. Born in 1866 to illiterate parents with no skills or money, she was five years old when she contracted trachoma, a painful bacterial eye infection that left her nearly blind herself. She grew up in almshouses (lodging for the poor) with no advantages. She did get a break when she was enrolled in the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston.

A series of operations improved her eyesight, and she excelled at school, graduating as valedictorian of her class. The summer of her graduation, Sullivan was hired by the Kellers to teach their daughter Helen. She and Helen stayed together for almost fifty years, traveling together and often living together. When Sullivan died in 1936, Keller was there holding her hand. Anne Sullivan was the first woman interred at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Forever linked, Keller was placed next to her upon her own death. 

ANSWER:  A)  Ireland