Full-Throttle Thursday

The Auto Red Bug is one of our favorite vehicles here at the Treasure Tour (among about fifty other favorites, but who's counting?).  It's small, it's practical, it's pretty exclusive, and it's rather rare today, too. We actually have three in the collection - two of them preserved and only viewable on our tram ride, with the third one fully restored and positioned between the two Vespa 400 automobiles in the self-guided portion of the Toy Box.

Red Bug.jpg

When these little vehicles were first introduced, back around 1910, they were intended to be the playthings of the wealthy.  They could travel quickly, but they had absolutely no protection from the elements whatsoever, so they were generally kept in country clubs or private lands for the safety of their drivers. They can go about thirty-five miles per hour, which is pretty fast considering they have only one seat, no windshield, and are completely exposed to the elements. They were also available in gas-powered or electric models.  So, they sound like a lot of fun, and yet they almost completely disappeared by 1930, thanks to the Great Depression and the fact that they cost more than virtually any used car a person could pick up at the time. So come to the Treasure Tour to admire our three Auto Red Bugs!  Or just come just to marvel at all the wonderful pieces we have here.