Film on Friday

Empire Strikes Back.jpg

Movies, movies, movies.  So many wonderful movies have been made over the last 130 years (give or take a few), with many of those films represented here at the American Treasure Tour for your enjoyment. We have been inspired by our posters to check out a few we've never seen before, or to re-watch old favorites. One poster we have is for a movie we feel everyone should see - of course, the "problem" with it is that it's the second film in a trilogy.  So watching it's precursor will definitely help make sense of the universe it creates, and you may find yourself inclined to watch the third film as well for, you know, closure.  And then there are the prequel trilogy.  And the continuing sequel trilogy.  And the one-off stories that are coming out now.  We're talking about The Empire Strikes Back, one of the most celebrated science-fiction films ever made, which includes some of the best action sequences you can see in the genre, and some compelling writing that has become so iconic since its original release it's part of the American vocabulary today.  (No spoilers here for the three people who have never seen the film.)

We highly recommend watching or re-watching The Empire Strikes Back, then coming to the American Treasure Tour to check out our poster for the film. Or maybe do it the other way around. Either way, both experiences will be a nice way to break up your day. Honest.