Antique Shoppe Paintings

QUESTION:  What is the proper name for an indoor balcony?
A)  Mezzanine
B)  Loft
C)  Overlook
D)  There is none

As we continue our exploration of the Omrod Antique Shoppe, located on a nickelodeon in the Music Room here at the American Treasure Tour, we would like to draw your attention to the second floor (stairs not included in the diorama). It's easy to overlook such subtle nuances as the balcony above the lovely tea set on the left, but it dominates our delightful shop.  Hanging from the far wall are a number of paintings - mostly floral settings. None of them are more than two inches high, but immaculately detailed. One thing they have in common is that they were all painted by Bob Omrod. Not only is he a creator of delightful miniatures, but Mr. Omrod is an accomplished painter. 

Hans Helming  Vase of Flowers  (1480)

Hans Helming Vase of Flowers (1480)

Flowers have been incorporated in art since before there was such a thing as recorded history. Ancient Egyptians incorporated still lives in the tombs of the dead. The Greeks, then the Romans, also followed suit. It was not until the Middle Ages, though, that paintings of flowers came into favor. Fifteenth century artists such as Hans Memling immortalized their flower arrangements in oil-based paintings. It continued from there, with such memorable devotees to the craft as Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keefe. Now, we can add another name to the pantheon of flower painters:  Bob Omrod.

ANSWER:  D)  There is none. And once again, the limitations of the English language become evident.