The Four Aces

QUESTION:  Which of the following performers did not sing their own interpretation of the popular 1954 song "Mr. Sandman"?
A). Marvin Gaye
B). The Osmond Brothers
C). Linda McCartney
D). The Partridge Family

The American Treasure Tour has a poster displayed in our Toy Box celebrating 'Fabulous Fours' - a concert in 1987 starring three of the classic bands of the 1950's.  We will reveal the other two in the next few days, but one of the headliners was The Four Aces.  What remains unclear from the advertisement is which version of the Four Aces was playing that day. The original band The Four Aces was founded right around 1950 by a South Philly singer named Al Alberts and his Navy buddy David Mahoney, who accompanied him. Add the trumpeting skills of Rosario "Sod" Vaccaro with Lou Silvestri on drums and the Four Aces became four.  The early years of the Aces brought great success with songs including "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing," "Three Coins in a Fountain," "Stranger in Paradise," and "(It's No) Sin."  

Success, one might argue, got to Al Alberts' head and he went solo. Shortly after he left the band, David and Sod followed. The Four Aces continued with original member Lou and three other musicians he recruited. Soon enough, Al, David and Sod asked Lou to rejoin them.  He did, and there were two bands calling themselves the Four Aces.  Law suits came and went and then there was the Four Aces and the Original Four Aces.  Both bands played the same songs to happy audiences through the years.  Sadly, the Original Four Aces have all passed away, all of them living into their late-eighties.

ANSWER:  D). The Partridge Family.  Alas, to our knowledge, David Cassidy and his television family never recorded a version of "Mr. Sandman."