Museums on Monday

Dime Museum.jpg

America is a rich nation, full of fascinating stories, amazing people, and memorable destinations. The American Treasure Tour Museum is beyond proud when our visitors use any of those describers for us - and we strive to inspire people with fun, anecdotal histories of many of the items displayed throughout our one hundred thousand square-foot facility. We also fully recognize that we are not the only place where you can go to see the unique and the mind-blowing, and we like to call out our brothers and sisters at heart whenever we can.  So, today's blog will be a call out to a site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  We love Gettysburg.  Not only is it the location of one of the most important battlefields to be preserved by the National Park System in the United States, but it is also a major destination for the sort of museums that cater to people looking for levity after so hallowed a ground.  And that's why we call out the Gettysburg Dime Museum.

During the heyday of the dime museum, admission was ten cents (that's a dime, folks), and you could see the unusual and astonishing.  It was a semi-permanent or permanent destination where human anomalies would be displayed - the equivalent of the circus sideshow or the freak show. The Gettysburg Dime Museum recreates the feeling of wonder of these places of old, and is definitely not to be missed!