Film on Friday

Girl Happy.jpg

The American Treasure Tour is a wonderful repository for such things as celebrity headshots and movie posters (as well as far too many other items of popular culture to get into today). Of course we have items honoring "The King," Elvis Presley.  A funny thing about Elvis.  When most people think of him, they think about his music and his unforgettable image.  The influence he had on what people listened to and how they dressed was so significant that it's actually kind of easy to forget that he also starred in somewhere around thirty-two movies. Elvis aspired to be considered an actor for most of his career, hoping to emulate the careers of Marlon Brando and James Dean. Unfortunately, it was not to be. His early successes with Love Me Tender and Jailhouse Rock showed that his soundtracks were more popular than the films themselves and, when he tried to make a film in which he didn't sing, they rarely did well critically or popularly.  

His seventeenth movie in nine years, Girl Happy, came out in 1965.  It revolves around a spring break journey Elvis and his friends take to Fort Lauderdale to follow some attractive young women on a journey from Chicago. That's about it. There's waterskiing and fun by the pool. Notably, Elvis wears long-sleeved shirts throughout much of the movie despite the beach scenes, and none of it actually takes place in Fort Lauderdale, except for a few establishing shots. The song "Puppet on a String" was the only moderate hit from the film, reaching the #14 slot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.  Poor Elvis, wanting to be an artist, but that's not what his fans wanted.  His last fictional film was released in 1969.  We'll tell you about that some other time....  And yes, we do have a whole slew of posters and artwork dedicated to the King.