Grumpier Old Men

QUESTION:  Which of the following movies did not find Jack Lemmon paired up with Walter Matthau?
A)  The Odd Couple II
B)  Under the Yum Yum Tree
D)  Out to Sea

Following yesterday's treatment of the Michelle Pfeiffer vehicle Dangerous Minds, we come today to the delightful sequel Grumpier Old Men, a follow-up two years after the release of the popular 1993 comedy/drama rumpy Old Men. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon had been in five films together prior to 1993, including the insanely popular Neil Simon comedy The Odd Couple, which inspired not only a sequel but two television remakes.  Grumpy Old Men is about two cantankerous neighbors constantly butting heads with one another. The widower John Gustafson, Jr. (Jack Lemmon) pranks widower Max Goldman (Walter Matthau), Max wreaks vengeance on John. They blame one another for everything wrong in their lives - and then the lovely Ariel Truax (Ann-Margret) moves across the street and the fighting gets ugly. The movie received middling reviews but proved a popular smash hit. Everyone's on-screen chemistry, made even better through the wit of Burgess Meredith's John Gustafson, Sr. proved perfect for the nation such that only two years later a sequel arrived.

Grumpier Old Men starred all the favorites from the original, and would be Burgess Meredith's final film appearance. His inability to remember his lines due to advanced Altzheimer's required special care during filming, but the addition of Sophia Loren to the cast proved an effective balance. The movie provided a formula similar to the original:  bickering, reconciliation, romance. Another feel good comedy interlaced with delightful measures of good-naturedly cruel humor. It proved a bigger success than the original financially, although it was treated quite unkindly by the critics on its release.  Still, we must remember that critics should not deter us from the films we want to see, just maybe offer a perspective with which we have the right to agree - or disagree.

ANSWER:  B)  Under the Yum Yum Tree