QUESTION:  At what iconic location does legend say King Arthur and Guinevere marry?
A). Stonehenge
B). Roman baths in Bath, England
C). Trafalgar Square
D). Camelot

As the American Treasure Tour blog continues our exploration into the Franklin Mint limited edition dolls in our collection that tell the story of King Arthur, we are led inevitably and quite interestingly to the love of his life:  Guinevere.  Alas, she was not originally incorporated into his story - with Arthur's first printed appearance coming in 830 A.D., Guinevere first showed up in a publication made right around 1136 - three hundred years later! Like Arthur, Guinevere was of Welsh descent, and as such antagonistic towards the Saxon invaders. Of course, Guinevere's story has a darker side to it. She met Arthur early in his career, as he was forming his Round Table. It was shortly after their marriage when she met his right-hand man, Lancelot, and was immediately smitten with him.  Her husband the king was often away fighting his enemies or magical beasts while Guinevere was left alone, unsure of whether her husband lived. It may have been during one of these adventures when she and Lancelot had an affair.  Their treachery was revealed to Arthur by his nephew Mordred, who would later try to steal the thrown from Arthur.  Lancelot and Guinevere were both sentenced to death; however, both escaped. In some versions of the tale, Guinevere retreats to a convent for the rest of her life, in others she marries the nefarious Mordred.  Guinevere also occasionally has an evil half-sister named Morgan le Fay who challenges her and Arthur every step of the way.

We believe it was June of 1999 when the Franklin Mint introduced the Camelot series of dolls into their Heirloom collection. This is, of course, their representation of the beautiful Queen Guinevere is (as described by Franklin Mint), "wearing a champagne crushed silk bridal dress with a golden crushed velvet overskirt. Her veil and oversleeve are flat tissue silk held on by a golden crown accented with an Australian crystal in the center, surrounded by clear gems." The next time you visit our Music Room, make sure to find Guinevere standing on top of one of our nickelodeons. 

ANSWER:  A). Stonehenge.  At least according to some of the movies that have come out recently, and when has a movie ever misled people?