Monday at the Museum

Henry Ford Museum.jpg

The Treasure Tour blog gives and gives.  We share stories about pieces on display, we remind you that you should come to visit us on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for General Admission and, when you get restless on the four days each week we're only open for Group Tours, we encourage you to visit other cool places around the United States.  And let's be realistic - there are thousands of them!  Today, we recommend taking a quick jaunt out to Dearborn, Michigan, and three fascinating sites in one, affectionately called The Henry Ford.

The Henry Ford Museum displays almost every important American artifact NOT at any of the Smithsonian Institute affiliates - including the chair in which Abraham Lincoln was sitting on April 14, 1865, the bus where Rosa Parks sat in the wrong seat based on the primitive laws of segregation, and an amazing collection of cars once used for heads of state.  Greenfield Village is an awe-inspiring collection of buildings where history was made, including Thomas Edison's Menlo Park, NJ laboratory, the Wright Brothers' home, and Henry Ford's own birth home. And the Rouge Factory is the place where Ford automobiles have been made for decades.  Honestly, The Henry Ford is almost as cool as the American Treasure Tour!