Tunes on Tuesday

It's Only A Paper Moon.jpg

If you love music and you've never been to the American Treasure Tour, you are truly missing out. We have a few hundred thousand pieces of music in our collection, with only a percentage of it on display. You can listen to our nickelodeons and band organs and enjoy a wall covered in classic vinyl spanning the last half of the twentieth century.  If you spend a little more time in our Music Room and look around, you will notice we also have sheet music from songs that were popular in days of old.  Which brings us to the popular 1930's song "It's Only A Paper Moon."

We promise that, when you walk into our Music Room, the sheet music for "It's Only A Paper Moon" will NOT be the first thing you see, but it's here.  Displayed above eye level with an image of Joan Leslie and Robert Hutton on the cover. The song was written in 1933 by Harold Arlen (music) and Yip Harburg and Billy Rose (lyrics), for a Broadway show called The Great Magoo. The play tanked, but the song lived on. In fact, it became quite popular, being recorded by nearly forty artists including none other than Nat "King" Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, and Frank Sinatra. The sheet music is from the 1945 film Too Young To Know.  Enjoy!