"American Fool"

QUESTION:  John Mellencamp has five children from his three wives.  Which of the following is not the name of one of his kids?
A)  Speck
B)  Teddi Jo
C)  Justice
D)  Hed

We were talking yesterday about John Mellencamp, whose producer compelled him to perform under the name of Johnny Cougar.  That all began to change after his amazingly successful 1982 album American Fool.  It reached the coveted number one slot on the Billboard album chart - and held the position for nine weeks - and had two number one songs:  "Hurt So Good," and a little ditty about "Jack and Diane," both of which having since become iconic tunes of the 1980's. Mellencamp consistently struggled with his producers.  They wanted a Neil Diamond sound-alike, and considered shelving the record entirely. Of course they got to eat crow, as they say, because American Fool turned into one of the best-selling albums of the year.  Everyone wanted a piece of Mellencamp after this, notably filmmakers. In 1991, he was approached to play a character in a small film called Thelma & Louise.  He feared that success in the movies might take away from his music career, so he passed on the roll. It went to a young actor named Brad Pitt.  

Of course, by that time Mellencamp had released six more albums - and would go on to release eleven more (to date).  He has never quite achieved the success of American Fool again, but he remains relevant, releasing songs that continue to connect to audiences.  It took him years to transform himself from Johnny Cougar to John Mellencamp, but has successfully become his own man.  Mellencamp continues to perform to loyal fans and win accolades. He was inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, has won one Grammy Award (despite thirteen nominations), and efforts to gain him a coveted spot in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame continue, despite four failed efforts thus far. He does not seem the type to give up, though.  Obstinate and outspoken, John Mellencamp seems to somehow maintain his relevance.


ANSWERD)  Hed.  His other two children are Hud and the unusually-named Michelle.