Monday at the Museum

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As we do on every Monday, the blog wants to encourage you to visit wonderful places across this amazing country we call the United States. Last week, we told you a little bit about the Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, North Carolina with the hope that you will drop in the next time you're on Interstate 95 in that area. We also mentioned another museum that honors a celebrity who grew up in small town America - Jimmy Stewart from Indiana, Pennsylvania. So, we COULD call that museum out today, but we already sorta kinda did. With that in mind, we're going to head a little farther west. All the way to Minnesota, and the Judy Garland Birthplace Museum, located in Grand Rapids.

Garland Museum.jpg

Frances Ethel Gumm, known by her family as "Baby," was the product of vaudeville performers. She didn't have a chance. She was on the stage before her third birthday, and never left it during her short life. (Okay, not literally. She didn't actually sleep on the stage or anything like that.) Born in 1922, Baby only spent four years in this house, but it shows what life was like before she and her family moved to California, where her mother began the effort to get Judy on the big screen. Not only does the Museum tell the story of the young actress, but it recaptures what life was like in America in the 1920's. Make sure to take a detour the next time you're in Minnesota: