QUESTION:  What was the "spiritual sequel" to Jumanji?
A)  Xanadu
B)  Zalthura
C)  Battlefield Earth
D)  Galaxa

The posters displayed in our Music Room conjure up memories of moviegoing experiences over the years. Granted, some of them might only be available in revival theaters, like 1928's Beggars of Life, or the much more recent Jumanji.  Released in 1995, this fantasy/action/comedy stars Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, and Kirsten Dunst and yes, it revolves around a board game. In 1869, a mysterious chest is buried by two brothers with the hope that it will never resurface. One hundred years later, a boy named Alan discovers the chest and inside it is Jumanji the board game. Alan plays, is told to wait in the jungle, and is promptly sucked into the game. Gone. Poof. Disappeared.

It's twenty-six years after Alan's disappearance when Jumanji is re-discovered, this time by Judy and Peter Shepherd. When they start playing, things quickly get out of hand when giant mosquitos and a group of monkeys appear.  Havoc ensues, things get even more out of hand, and the adventure leads to conflict, resolution, and more conflict.  George Lucas' company Industrial Light & Magic created many of the special effects for the movie. Although they look a little rough now, they were considered amazingly innovative back in '95. And it was a huge hit. The critics may not have embraced it, but the audiences did. It made four times its production budget, becoming the tenth bestselling film of the year. So good it inspired a sort-of sequel, a television spin-off, and a forthcoming sequel.  Due at the end of the year, the new Jumanji will star Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. So stay tuned! 

ANSWER:  B)  Zalthura