Boat Rides

Amusement Park Boat Ride.jpg

Who doesn't like a good boat ride?  Equally, who hates getting seasick?  Well, here at the American Treasure Tour, we have the best boat ride possible - a fun one guaranteed to not get you sick. How can we guarantee that?  Because it's too small to climb into.

Our boats are about three inches from end to end and in a miniature amusement park made in the 1940's. It was previously located in Moundsville, West Virginia in an ice cream parlor - a fantasy made true of delightful treats and marvelous miniatures!

Kiddie boats were a big thing at amusement parks during the 1950's and 1960's - as were the airplanes, animals and dinosaurs you would climb on, put a quarter in, and go forwards and backwards on for a few minutes before another coin would be demanded. 

Today, kids don't flock to these quite like they used to, now that everyone has smart phones and iPads. But the day will come when everyone wants to experience the thrill again.  And then, just wait and see!