Tunes on Tuesday

Larry Gatlin - Oh Brother!.jpg

Here at the American Treasure Tour, we like to call out the artists whose records adorn our walls here in our Music Room.  Some of them have established them over the years as influential masters, whose work has inspired people across the land, while others are all but completely forgotten today, but whose legacy we honor here. Most fall somewhere in between.  Today, we call out Larry Gatlin, a country and Southern gospel singer and songwriter who has been recording music for most of his life. Larry Gatlin has sung solo and alongside his brothers Steve and Rudy, the Gatlin Brothers.

Born in 1948 to an oil field worker in Texas, the Gatlins started singing together in their local church. After high school, Larry avoided fighting in Vietnam by entering the University of Houston and playing on their football team. From there, music became his life. He joined a gospel music group called The Imperials in 1971, which led to his meeting country star Dottie West.  She liked his music and had him write songs for her, moving him to Nashville. There, he sang backup for Kris Kristofferson before going solo, and he gained some success, recording a number of albums before 1978’s Oh Brother, his last solo album, which featured two top-ten country songs: “I’ve Done Enough Dyin’ Today” and “Night Time Magic.” After that, he became part of a family band: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers. Alone and with his family, Gatlin has made dozens of albums over the years, and now spends some of his time talking.  He occasionally serves as a commentator on the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network.