Monday at the Museum

Mardi Gras World.jpg

And so begins our April chapter of the blog here at the American Treasure Tour. With April comes Spring (we hope), and with Spring comes more destinations open to visit. Or other places that have been open but that are now seeming a little more appealing to visit since it's not freezing outside anymore.  Of course, we hope you always consider the American Treasure Tour as your first destination forever and always, but we know it's a big world and that there are many worthwhile places to experience.  And all of them are not even within easy driving distance of Oaks, PA, the home and headquarters for ATT, your favorite place to go for unique and amazing.

One attraction that may make you think of the Treasure Tour - a little bit, anyway - is located at the Mississippi Delta, in exotic and beautiful New Orleans.  The Big Easy.  The home of the most famous non-Thanksgiving or football related parade in the nation. Mardi Gras. The majestic floats created to wow and awe onlookers during the parade are often saved - and we're glad they are. Especially because the facility in which they are preserved is open to tour,  It's called Mardi Gras World.  It's located outside of the downtown, which works because they require a massive amount of space to make and store these wonderful flights of fantasy.  Check out their website, then make a trip.  You'll be glad you did: