Morgan le Fay

QUESTION:  In some accounts of the King Arthur legend, Morgan le Fay had a son.  What was his name?
A). Bert
B). Galwaynne
C). Ywain
D). Flavellus

Fables such as those of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones include so many characters that encyclopedias have been written to complement the characters and their storylines, and both of those universes have only existed for around twenty years!  Imagine, then, how a story might evolve that had been circulated over centuries. That is exactly what the legend of King Arthur has done.  It is truly an adventure story for the ages that continues to be told and retold to this day. There should be no surprise that the story has a predominantly male perspective. In fact, the original appearance of King Arthur was around two hundred years before Guinevere showed up. And, on the heels of Guinevere came Morgan le Fay, which translates to Morgan the fairy or, more dramatically, Morgan the Sorceress. Morgan would become one of the primary villains of the story.

Morgan le Fay.jpg

Morgan le Fay has been presented as King Arthur's half-sister, an apprentice of Merlin, and so completely smitten with Lancelot that she detested his beloved Guinevere.  In early tales, Morgan and her six sisters all have cool skills are not inherently evil, but they do have some pretty awesome talents, including shapeshifting, flying and healing. By the publication of the famous La More d'Arthur in 1485, though, she became the vengeful and cruel enchantress who would devote her life to destroying those of Guinevere, Lancelot, and King Arthur. She almost succeeded in all of these goals, but had a change of heart towards Arthur.  After his fatal fight with his nephew Mordred at the Battle of Camlann, Arthur was placed in a boat and sent to the Isla of Avalon, where Morgan may (or may not) have brought him back to life. Trying to condense the stories of King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, and Camelot is not an easy thing, and an injustice to the fables of old, but we are happy to honor Morgan le Fay here, and celebrate the Franklin Mint Heirloom Collection doll we have in our Music Room. You may notice that she is holding a wonderful depiction of the Holy Grail - but don't get excited. It's not the real thing. Our Community Relations Manager Isaac tried it, and he continues to age so it did not do its job. 

ANSWER:  C)  Ywain