QUESTION:  Which of the following was never the name of a motor oil brand sold in the United States by a major producer?  
A)  Pennzoil
B)  Lubri-smooth
C)  Valvoline
D)  Royal Purple

The American Treasure Tour has all sorts of amazing items on display - we won't go through the list today, we promise. But every now and again we like to point out some of the pieces that don't get their proper due. Today, we honor the can of Veedol Motor Oil displayed on a shelf near our dual Wurlitzer 165's.  Good old Veedol.  Veedol was the creation of the Tidewater Petroleum Company, established in 1887, with refineries located in the industrialized northern New Jersey town of Bayonne.  Tidewater Petroleum also operated numerous gas stations, as well as other Flying-A branded products for many years. The largest stockholder in Tidewater (Tide Water until the 1930's) was a small company named Standard Oil, today's ExxonMobil. They sold out to John Paul Getty, who expanded the influence of the company before BP (British Petroleum) bought him out.  When the Phillips Company took over Tidewater in 1966, they converted the Flying-A gas stations into Phillips 66 in the west.  In the east, Getty held on until a 1984 sellout to Texaco.

Meanwhile, Veedol motor oil did very well.  Henry Ford advocated it for use in his incomprehensibly successful Model T cars. Richard Byrd used it during his expedition to the South Pole in 1928, and it was the chosen lubricant for the first around-the-world flight, made by the German Graf Zeppelin airship (a.k.a. blimp) in 1929.  The first trans-Pacific flight occurred two years later in a plane called the Miss Veedol - we won't tell you which lubricant they used - and in 1979, Veedol synthetic fuels were used on the Space Shuttle Columbia  during its testing phases. So, if you need a lubricant or a motor oil, Veedol is out there!  We do recommend you not try to use the can we have on display at the tour, though. That would be neither wise, nor nice.

ANSWER:  B)  Lubri-smooth.  We have not copyrighted the name if you want to use it. Just give us a call out, okay?