Monday at the Museum

Happy New Year!  Yes, what a special bonus day - it's not only New Year's Day, but it's also a Monday.  That means we have two reasons to celebrate.  Okay.  There are always plenty of reasons to celebrate every day, but today, well, 2018.  So much could happen this year - people could be nice to each other, there could be a cool meteor shower, and you could make it out to the American Treasure Tour!  Okay fine, we recognize that there's no real correlation between getting to the Tour and a meteor shower.  And everyone should be nice to each other at all times. So - come to the Treasure Tour!  Except not on Mondays, without planning your own Group or Exclusive Tour in advance.  We would like to offer another option, though, if you want to wait until we open for General Admission on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Museum of the American Revolution.jpg

Have you been to the new Museum of the American Revolution, yet?  It's located in downtown Philadelphia, in Olde City.  It's open every day of the week (except today, notably), and it's a great introduction to the story of the American Revolutionary War.  You can learn about the founding fathers of our nation, and some of the founding mothers, too.  Not only do they dedicate the space to the battlefields of the war, but also the backroom politicking that led to these United States. Interactive displays, movies, amazing artifacts - all in one of the most historic districts of one of the most historic cities in the country.  It's a fascinating story everyone can appreciate, even Joel, your friend who is visiting all the way from Hoboken, Belgium, just outside of Antwerp. Joel definitely needs to come to the Treasure Tour on Thursday, though, because he will really like what he have from his home town.  Just saying.