Monday at the Museum

Museum of the Moving Image.jpg

Not long ago, a family from Queens, New York came down to Oaks to explore the collections here at the American Treasure Tour, and they mentioned a museum local to them that few people outside of the five boroughs of New York know about. It's called the Museum of the Moving Image and, if you've never been, we recommend you consider it a "must-see" destination the next time you go to the big city, and dare to leave the comfort of Manhattan. There are so many worthwhile destinations in the city that are not in Manhattan, we can't even tell you - above and beyond the New York Transit Museum we talked about last week. 

The name of the museum tells it all - the Museum of the Moving Image tells the story of how many people spend their lives today, so long as you consider movies, television, and digital media as a defining element of our existence. It not only allows you to explore the history of innovation that has brought us to the highly-sophisticated place where we are today, with iPads and phones being mediums for watching news and entertainment, but introduces new and innovative players in the field.  It is definitely worth the time.  Check it out.