Museums on Monday

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The American Treasure Tour is, and we're being completely biased here, a wonderful place to go. We have so many amazing and wonderful things on display, we could easily make a happy junky go completely bonkers. But we know full well that the world is full of amazing and wonderful places to go, and we want to call out to some of them here on our blog. (For a bit of personal disclosure, yours truly has had the high pleasure of visiting the places we honor on these pages at one time or another, so we're not just blowing smoke about them being worth the trip.  We know!)

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Today, we call out to our friends who live near or want to visit Arizona. Phoenix, to be exact. Now, we know that there are plenty of cool sites in Arizona, but one that will leave an indelible mark is called Mystery Castle, right on the fringes of the city. It was built by a man named Bryce Luther Gully, a resident of Seattle and victim of tuberculosis who ran into the desert to survive his illness. Sadly, he left his family behind, but when he moved to Phoenix he built a castle out of whatever he could find - a fantasy dreamscape intended to fulfill the wishes of his daughter, Mary Lou. She arrived after his death in 1945 and gave tours of the castle herself until her own passing in 2010. Fortunately, it's still there and you can still get there.  So make sure to put it at the top of your destinations list for your next Phoenix adventure!