Museums on Monday


We here at the American Treasure Tour blog hope you had a wonderful weekend, understanding that the best way to ensure that is by dedicating part of your Saturday to visiting us, right here in Oaks, PA!  If you didn't get to come by this weekend, don't worry.  We'll be open again next weekend. We promise. Of course, you may ask yourself what to do once you have visited us. If you already ate, and you're not into seeing a matinee, you may want to consider taking a drive to Bethlehem, PA.  It's within an hour of Oaks (on a good day) and there are lots of cool things to do up there.  We'll only mention one today, but it's a relatively new museum (it opened in August 2017) - the National Museum of Industrial History!

Jacquard Loom.jpg

Now, don't make that face. It's an amazing place, located in one of buildings of the former Bethlehem Steel facility and dedicated to telling the story of when the United States was an industrial powerhouse. Yes, they talk about the production of steel - naturally considering their location - but they also have a Jacquard textile loom, which is the first device to ever use punch card technology (which would become invaluable for paper roll creation and, eventually, the digital technology we use today), and pieces once displayed at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia back in 1876.  It's really cool, and we think you should go there.  But come here first because, well, you know.