Monday at the Museum

Happy December!  This is, of course, holiday season, and museums around the country honor the holidays by decorating for the season.  Of course, the American Treasure Tour always celebrates the holidays - we have Santas, Easter Bunnies, leprechauns, and, of course, Tweety Birds throughout the tour to recognize the holidays they represent (we're still not sure what holiday Tweety Bird represents, but that's okay. He's here regardless).

Natl Xmas Center 2.jpg

The American Treasure Tour LOVES the National Christmas Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful destination to go to celebrate the holidays.  Alas, it is closing its doors forever at the end of the year this year, so we strongly encourage anyone and everyone to make a trip out to it.  If you've never been, it is a delightful trip down memory lane that truly should not be missed.  If you have been, it merits at least one last return.