Puppies on Friday

Kennel Club.jpg

The staff here at the American Treasure Tour is full of love.  We love all sorts of stuff - different styles of music, classic cars, clowns.  We don't always agree on specifics, though.  For example, Ari's into reggae music, Isaac loves classical, Ginni leans towards country, and Ross is a fan of alternative (we're not exactly sure what that means, but whatever).  But there is one thing we all agree on is that we. love. puppies. Puppies of all ages, not just the young ones. And the American Treasure Tour happens to be located within just a few hundred yards of the best place to see some of the most amazing puppies in the United States - at least for one weekend. 

The National Dog Show, hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, is happening at the Philadelphia Expo Center this weekend!  (It will be broadcast on television on Thanksgiving)!  Come see the wonderful, beautiful dogs, then show your ticket stubs at the American Treasure Tour for $2.00 off admission.  You won't see any adorable puppies at the Tour, but what you will see is positively astounding!