Penn Wells Lodge

QUESTION:  Who was the town of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania named after?
A)  Wells Fargo
B)  Orson Welles
C)  Mary Wells
D)  Isaac Well

The American Treasure Tour blog is returning to our philumeny collection with a matchbook on display by the entrance to the Toy Box from the Wellsboro, Pennsylvania-based hotel and lodge Penn Wells.  Wellsboro is located in north-central Pennsylvania, just miles from the New York border and surrounded by the scenic forestlands of the Adirondack Mountains. The town developed into a significant trading center.  Mills, evaporating centers for fruit, milk condensing plants, and numerous production plants all provided employment for its thousands of inhabitants - the 1910 census counted 3,183 residents. A full century later, the population was just about the same. 

The Penn Wells Hotel is located at the main intersection dissecting Wellsboro at Morris State Road and the East And West State Road. On that spot in 1816, the first sheriff of Tioga County, Alpheus Cheney built Wellsboro's first tavern out of local lumber.  It stood for fifty years, when a fire compelled an upgrade to a brick four-story building. Through a century and a half of additions and expansions, the building has become the modern Penn Wells Hotel, its rich history as a destination for environmentalists and hunters also bringing classic performers including Groucho Marx and Joan Crawford. Located two blocks off of Main Street sits the much newer Penn Wells Lodge.  Opened this century, it offers modern amenities and larger rooms, as well as complimentary matchbooks.  And that's what brought us here in the first place....

ANSWER:  C)  Mary Wells, the wife of Benjamin Wistar Morris, one of the founders of the Wellsboro, in 1830.