Wonky Wednesday


Wonky defined:  crooked; off-center; askew.  The American Treasure Tour proudly declares that we are a bit wonky.  In fact, with our recently-earned title of "Best Weird Museum" by Philly Magazine, we are downright proud to call ourselves a bit wonky. You don't believe that we're wonky?  Just because we have a world-class collection of mechanical music machines, and our classic automobiles are impressive on every level, doesn't mean we can't also be wonky, you know. One of the newest additions to the Tour that arrived last week is our oversized banana.  If you're a lover of bananas as food, please be warned: ours is not edible. In fact, he has a face.  And hair.  And a hat.  We tried to interview him for the blog, but he just kinda stared off into space.  He didn't speak, he didn't blink, he didn't move.  Maybe he's not the most animated banana you'll ever find, but he does seem to be pretty happy, judging by his big toothy smile. And the red, yellow and green colors on his hat would suggest he may be used to warmer climates - Jamaica perhaps?  Just a theory.