Collegeville Masks: Rescue 911

QUESTION:  In the year 911, the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte was signed between Charles the Simple and which Norman with the intention to protect Charles' kingdom from more invasions from the "Northmen"?
A)  William
B)  Rollo
C)  Pope Sergius III
D)  Oleg

"Rescue 911" could relate to many things: an acknowledgement of the challenges people suffered through during the tumultuous year 911, the television series that aired on CBS between 1989 and 1996 that was hosted by William Shatner, or maybe even a phone number people call when they are distressed. We will start with the final thought. 9-1-1 was first used in Alabama in 1968.  The year before, the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice recommended that a nationwide number be developed for distress calls - it would apply everywhere and mean the same thing everywhere.  Inspired by the number English and Canadian governments used (9-9-9),  the North American Numbering Plan adopted 9-1-1 in part because it was easier and quicker to use on the rotary phones used at the time (that will have to be the subject of a future blog for younger whipper snappers). Acceptance of 9-1-1 was slow, with some communities not incorporating it as recently as 1989.

The television program Rescue 911 showed re-enactments of real emergency situations that had occurred across the nation. Expertly trained professionals simulated lifesaving techniques on television, inspiring home viewers to emulate them in their normal lives. Although it might not have been the original intention of the program, it became an invaluable teaching tool for many people, and is estimated to have helped in the saving of over 350 lives.

ANSWER:  B)  Rollo.  If you were taught this in school, we are very impressed! In retrospect, we don't believe that the 9-1-1 refered to in the hat on the mask was reflecting a year, but rather the number to call when in distress.