Wacky Wednesday

Did you know...  that the Rubik's cube is considered the best selling toy of all time ever in the history of forever?  The Rubik's cube was developed by a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture named Ernő Rubik (born in 1944). He signed a deal with Ideal Toy Corporation four years later, and it became immediately popular, winning a Game of the Year award in Germany that year for Best Puzzle. 

Giant Rubik's Cube.jpg

Rubik's original purpose for designing the cube was more to create a device that could move in numerous directions while staying together. He only accidentally discovered that it could also be a challenging brain teaser.  He patented it as the Magic Cube, but Ideal renamed it after its inventor to make the name more memorable. Now, Rubik is part of world culture. Rubik's cube competitions occur internationally, and - oh right! - there's a giant one at the American Treasure Tour, too. Funny how that happens.  Please don't dedicate much time to solving ours, though. The separate squares don't actually move.