Rudi the Wanamaker's Bear

QUESTION: In the 1912 George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion, Alfred Doolittle is left a legacy by an American philanthropist millionaire named Ezra Wanafeller.  After whom was the fictional character named?
A). John Wanamaker and Ezra Pound
B). Ezra Pound and John Rockefeller
C). John Wanamaker and John Rockefeller
D). F. Scott Fitzgerald

The American Treasure Tour is an ever-growing collection of Americana.  If you haven't heard yet, we are affiliated with a new museum experience that will be opening soon in Morgantown, Pennsylvania to be called the Classic Auto Museum - hundreds of preserved historic cars spanning the entirety of the twentieth century. Stay tuned on that, but our collection is also expanding. In late March, a wonderful legacy from Philadelphia's most famous department store, John Wanamaker's, arrived. His name is Rudi, and he is a six-foot tall white Christmas bear. How do we know that his name is Rudi?  Through extensive research, a certain amount of deduction, and the ability to read his name in his hat. He was brought into the home of Royersford natives the Meitzlers after they paid fifty dollars for it in the mid-1980's and placed him in the trunk of their sedan car. During the drive from the city, the heads of average commuters certainly turned.

Rudi was created to market an adorable plush Christmas bear. Just like giant Rudi, little Rudi's wore red sweaters with reindeer designs on them. They were cuddly and can still occasionally be found on eBay for resale. Of course, everything changed when the Wanamaker family decided in 1986 to sell the department store chain to Woodward & Lothrop. Now part of a corporate entity, the character of the store began to change. Then, ten years later, Woodward & Lothrop declared bankruptcy, and the May Department Stores Company took over and Wanamaker's became Lord & Taylor. We are very happy to have Rudi as part of our strange and wonderful family now and, in his honor, we would like to delve a little deeper into the people without whom he never would have been. Tune in tomorrow when we will meet John Wanamaker. 

ANSWER:  C). John Wanamaker and John Rockefeller