QUESTION:  Which of the following 'one-named celebrities' has never performed in a fiction film?
A). Cher
B). Christo
C). Madonna
D). Valli

Yesterday's blog was dedicated to the sculptor-turned-art doll creator Patricia Rose. Her works have been celebrated for decades now, and are available on-line for those with an appreciation for her beautiful figures. Today's blog is dedicated to another renowned doll designer, Rustie.  Rustie's talents extend deep into the world of fashion as well. Born in Chicago, Rustie designed elaborate outfits for her own dolls from a very early age. It was likely no surprise that she would follow that passion into a career; however, it is likely few could have anticipated the worldwide recognition she would receive for many of her pieces. Her first appearance at the New York Toy Fair, in 1996, garnered her nominations for Doll of the Year for both her Tara and Skye dolls.  She won with Skye, and has been going strong ever since.

(Rustie's Bride doll is not at the ATT. Sorry.)

(Rustie's Bride doll is not at the ATT. Sorry.)

One of Rustie's notable accomplishments is one of her 42-inch" Bride dolls, which retailed for almost $10,000. The detail on her dolls, and equally notably on the outfits she creates for her dolls, is truly exquisite.  And, when Rustie collaborates with other doll artists, the best of multiple talents come together. Next week, we will explore one splendid example of this - a collaboration between Patricia Rose and Rustie.  Her name is Midnight Star....

ANSWER:  B). Christo.  Christo Vladimirov Javacheff is a Bulgarian-born artist who, while occasionally the subject of documentaries about his astounding works, has never performed in a fictional film (insofar as we know, anyway).  All three of our other choices have, to varying degrees of critical success.