Film on Friday

Buck Jones Silver Spurs.jpg

The first western ever made was 1903’s The Great Train Robbery, starting a love affair with the drama and excitement of the wild west for Americans fascinated with the world outside their homes.  Countless western movies have been made since then, and one of them was definitely Silver Spurs.  Directed by Ray Taylor in 1936, Silver Spursbegins with the return of Janet Allison (played by Muriel Evans), home from finishing school. She becomes witness to two gamblers stealing a chest of money from a railroad station, only to have the sheriff protect them when she reports the theft. Buck Jones plays Jim Fentriss, foreman of the Allison ranch, who also avoids pursuit of the gamblers for reasons Janet cannot understand – and you will have to watch the film to learn.  

Describing itself as “The Thrill Sensation of the Untamed West!” Silver Spurs has bank robbery, hi-jacking, even girl-stealing.  A non-stop action fest that proved so appealing that it was remade only seven years later – this time starring none other than Roy Rogers and Trigger, with Roy’s now-immortal western ballad “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” on the soundtrack.