Springtime in the Rockies

QUESTION:  Which of the following performers does not appear in Springtime in the Rockies?
A)  Harry James and his Orchestra
B)  Bando da Lua
C)  Six Hits and a Miss
D)  The Jimmy Dorset Quintet

We just finished a brief series here at the American Treasure Tour blog dedicated to Betty Grable, so we figured this was the best time to honor another movie still displayed in our Music Room, this one for the Grable film Springtime in the Rockies, co-starring Carmen Miranda, John Payne and Cesar Romero.  The film was released in 1942 in full Technicolor and became a big hit for Twentieth-Century Fox. The musical comedy grossed over two million dollars and was one of the biggest films of the year.  

Its plot is pretty straightforward - Broadway dancer Vicky (Betty Grable) is tired of waiting for her philandering, potentially alcoholic boyfriend Dan (John Payne) to propose marriage, so she goes off with Victor (Cesar Romero) to the Canadian Rockies for a new musical production.  There, Rosita (Carmen Miranda) helps convince Vicky that Dan loves her, and will abandon all of his vices if she will take him back. We won't tell you how it turns out, because that might spoil the fun. But the music is great, and there is a light-heartedness to the film that would have helped distract the country from the trials of 1942. 

ANSWER:  D)  The Jimmy Dorset Quintet.  We made that one up, but the other three were real!